Choosing a New Office: What Your Employees Care Most About

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In 2016, approximately $76.58 billion worth of commercial real estate was built in the United States, creating hundreds of new opportunities for businesses to move and grow. When finding commercial property for rent, owners and managers have a lot to consider. Here, we’ve listed four requirements for finding a commercial property for rent that meets workers’ needs, so that your employees stay, and stay sane.


  • Ample Parking

    Your employees need to be able to get to work. Those who drive to work require ample parking space. Your workers will not thank you if they suddenly have to spend an extra twenty minutes circling the block looking for a meter, and they will also not thank you if it costs them an hour’s pay just to park at work every day. To keep office morale up, and to keep your business running smoothly, ensure that there is plenty of parking for all workers and visitors.


  • Room to Grow

    If you’re looking at office space for rent, chances are you already know how stressful moving a business can be. Don’t add to the stress by not selecting a large enough location. If there isn’t room to grow, your workers will also quickly become cramped and irritated. In the business world, not growing is the same as declining, so choose an office space with a future.


  • Spaces Appropriate to Job Functions

    During site selection, you may be more concerned with square footage, location, and price. However, your workers are concerned with one thing: being able to get their jobs done. Make sure that your new location has everything your employees currently use to accomplish their daily tasks. Does their work require several conference rooms or more desks with computer hookups? Do you need small spaces for one-on-one calls and brainstorming sessions, or are long discussion tables more essential? Consider sending a survey regarding space utilization to understand exact employee needs.


  • Stay as Close as You Can

    Clearly, if you plan on moving to a new location more than a few miles away, you’ll be asking employees to adjust their commute. Remember to make sure your new location accommodates key employees. Workers may also quit at your new location if it is too remote from their daily needs, like gas stations and lunch options.

Finding and financing the right commercial property for rent can be a long and arduous process. With so many key financial and logistical decisions to make, managers often forget the needs of their employees when relocating. Don’t be that boss, and follow these steps for a move that helps every part of your team grow.

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